Background control: Triple Entendre

Smack dab in the middle of asparagus season, two really important issues have arisen.  Number one:  is it still proper to abide by the law "If it's yellow, let it mellow"?  And number two: is a triple entendre possible?

Now, the first question might be a bit too much to tackle.  It's a giant.  It involves lawyers.  We don't have the time or resources to take it on.  But the second question, which was brought up by Oilcan on this week's show, seems like something we can handle.

As a refresher for those who may have forgotten, a triple entendre is any phrase that can be understood in three different ways.  An example that might work would be "garden rocking."  It could refer to the act of swaying back and forth on a rocking chair that is located in a garden.  It could also refer to the act of playing rock n' roll music in a garden.  Finally, it could refer to some act that affects a garden deeply or stuns a garden.  Putting wiener dog manure in a garden would certainly be considered "garden rocking."

Now, based on that example, it may be apparent that triple entendres are indeed possible.  But, a junior fact checker is not doing his/her job properly if they don't seek expert advice.  So I went to Janet Blank-Libra, an English and Journalism professor at Augustana College, to get the inside scoop on triple entendres.  Check out our conversation below the jump:

RGT Junior Fact Checker: Is a triple entendre possible?

Professor Blank-Libra: Yes, why wouldn't it be?

RGT Junior Fact Checker: Umm….

Professor Blank-Libra:  Toward what end do we care that we have a triple entendre?

RGT Junior Fact Checker: I don't…uh…

Professor Blank-Libra:  There should be a purpose to why we use things like triple entendres.  Why should anyone use a triple entendre?

RGT Junior Fact Checker(wide-eyed stare accompanied by silence)

The experts have chimed in, and have made it known that triple entendres are possible–putting an end to the uncertainty.  But, they have warned us that we should not throw triple entendres around recklessly.  We should only use them purposefully…like if we want to show off, or if we want to confuse people. 

Therefore, I will end this by saying, "Dang, that was a saucy tavern."

Thanks to Junior Fact Checker, Jesse Black for checking into this.