Artist: Pink Mountaintops

Song: The Gayest of Sunbeams

"Undecided between EAR PWR and The Black Swans so I’ll go with GAYVILLE SD GAZE DAZE SUNGAZING FESTIVAL* theme song ‘The Gayest of Sunbeams’ by Pink Mountaintops. It thumps like a convective heat burst and is definitely worth a spin."


Artist: Mayer Hawthorne 

Song: Don't Turn the Lights On

"Mayer Hawthorne's Impressions EP covers both old and new. "Don't Turn the Lights On" is a Chromeo tune about a gent who falls in love with a ghost. Hawthorne mixes equal parts homegrown Motown sound, heartbreak, and sexy. Ghost sexy."

This week's North 40 musings come from the Flowerman himself and Wayne State College admissions rep, Taylor Weichman. North 40 is a collection of the musical musings of RGT contributors and listeners, in 40 words or less. If you have music to share, send your thoughts to

– The Music Director

*GAZE DAZE is not a real festival (yet), but it is a fictional festival that we created during last week’s radio show about sun gazing.