Maybe the most important blog post you see today.

Some major things happening around the studio this week. Firstly, late Wednesday night while reworking a haiku about Woonsocket I learned (via late night television) that Ranae Holland, curious 'skeptic' from Animal Planet's hip new show Finding Bigfoot, grew up in Sioux Falls. The more we learn the less we know, right? And then, the following morning…

While reorganizing my cassettes I found a Milli Vanilli single that I'm almost positive I didn't buy in the first place. Not bad, but that's not all. Early this week the Rock Garden Tour Family band made their triumphant return to the studio.

A broadcast date for Rock Garden Tour's new season on SDPB Radio is set for Saturday March 31 at 7pm. The show will feature new tunes by the band, a song or two from lumberjack-guitar-man Dan Mahar, some poetry from Canada, a sonic art installation from the Telestory Booth, and of course,  less talk and more witty banter about gardening from Oil Can and Flowerman. We're recording the show live at Latitude 44 in Sioux Falls so stop back next week for some video from the event. Okay, that's all we had for you.