Vote For Your Favorite Rock Garden Tour South Dakota Sing Along

Flowerman smile
First I want you to know that I've never considered myself (Flowerman) a proper songwriter. I make stuff up. I'm a song-maker-upper. There's a difference. Still, the suits over at the corporate office in Dolton, SD are encouraging the family band and I to enter a song or two into this songwriting contest out of Rapid City, SD. If you're a songwriter or song-maker-upper, why not enter a song of your own? In the mean time though, I need your help. Please listen to the following tracks and let me know which one you like best. We recorded all of them at our most recent live recording at the Avera Prairie Center in Sioux Falls, SD, and I'm going to enter the top two into the contest, probably. 

Download Give'm Hecla live from Prairie Center
Download Hip Hip Murdo live from Prairie Center
Download Sweet Home South Dakota live from Prairie Center
Download Yes You Corn live from Prairie Center

Thanks for listening, keep it rural.