Soil And The Soul

Tavern sandwich emoticon
Look! The home opener of Rock Garden Tour's third season on SDPB Radio, tape recorded live from Latitude 44 in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. This one features less talk and more witty banter on the topic of prepping the soul. The show features haiku poetry, a parody song about Woonsocket by John Boylan, some ping pong references, an original song about tavern sandwiches by the Rock Garden Tour Family Band, and a special performance by Dan Mahar.

Tavern Belt graphic by John Boylan  


Down On The Farm – Big Al Downing

Charles Bradley – You Put The Flame On

Luke Winslow King – Stayin In Town

Har Mar Superstar – Bye Bye

Kids On A Crime Spree – Creep The Creeps

Kleenex Girl Wonder – Mr. Big Philosopher

Laura Stevenson – Runner

Please enjoy the show and keep it rural.

Download Vol 3 – 1 RGT 131 Soul And The Soil