News animal husbandry
It should come as no surprise that our #AnimalHusbandry show got pretty rowdy. Listen close to the show (see mp3 download below) and you can hear all sorts of rare and glorious animalistic type sounds. You’ll also hear the sounds of a bartender tossing glass bottles into a garbage can. Other sounds you’ll hear on this episode of the Rock Garden Tour include songs by Pleasure Horse, an interview with Abby Bischoff (about herefords), a reading by Brian Bieber (of Ghosts and Horses) and a report from News from Pierre (pictured above). I dedicate this post to @taylorhray who just reminded me (via the information county highway) that I had yet to post the most recent episode. Please enjoy our special #AnimalHusbandry edition of Rock Garden Tour and keep it rural.
Download Vol 3 – 1 RGT 132 Animal Husbandry