Just finished shooting our television special, Rock Garden Tour Presents: High Wide & Handsome, live from the Orpheum Theater in downtown Sioux Falls. The show will broadcast on SDPB TV later on this fall. Check back for details. Until then, thanks to everyone who helped us to pull it off. From the production crew, to the family band, to all of the avant-gardeners in the audience. It was a night to remember.


Special thanks to Andy Howes and Local Zip Convenience Stores for supporting this performance; Keep it Local; Special thanks to the Sioux Falls Area Foundation; Thanks to Jami Lynn and Dylan James for sharing your talents; The Rock Garden Tour Family Band is Jim Groth; Josh Rieck; Travis Jameson and Christopher Vondracek; Thanks to Mary Groth for painting the backdrop; Thanks to Hunter Murphy for designing the posters; And the tickets; And this zine; Thanks to Jackelyn Lozano for running the merch tent; And for being a really great intern; Also thanks to Kazoobie Kazoos;

Special thanks to our staff of ghost-writers; Tonya, our stage manager; Badger, our tech crew team leader; Steve Bormes our spotlight operator; Skunkweed; Corporate headquarters in Dolton 

Special thanks to Letwan from Pest Control; And our costume people over at Pony Creek Vintage;

Thanks to Craig Ellerbroek for encouraging us to get back on the radio

Thanks to Joe Tlustos; And Susan Hanson; And everyone at SDPB Radio for putting up with us; Special thanks to Ryan Howlett; Also Brad, Carol, Bob, Fritz, Ruth and all of our new friends over at SDPB TV

 Special thanks to Co-op Architects and the Get Fresh Crew

 Also, thanks Mama Can; Friends and family at the Brown County Fair; And Norway Center

 This performance is dedicated to Sylvester (Flowerman’s little boy) and Wild Bill Hickock (Oil Can’s pet wiener dog)