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 TELESTORY BOOTH DEBUT If you listen to the original rock and roll garden show you've probably heard of the Telestory Booth, a sonic art project brought to life with help from Chief Spotlight Operator Steve Bormes. We've been featuring stories from the Telestory Booth for the last month and a half or so on the Rock Garden […]

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HOT NEWS FROM HOT SPRINGS.  Spent the evening talking about sun gazing, and whether or not it was inspired by humans wishing to live more like plants. It went well, but it didn't hold a foot candle to a story of vegetative violence out of Hot Springs, SD. Turns out a guy had the nerve to prune a buckeye […]

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Background control: Triple Entendre

Smack dab in the middle of asparagus season, two really important issues have arisen.  Number one:  is it still proper to abide by the law "If it's yellow, let it mellow"?  And number two: is a triple entendre possible? Now, the first question might be a bit too much to tackle.  It's a giant.  It […]

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BACKGROUND CONTROL: MOON SHOES  Rock Garden Tour Fact Checker, Jesse Black, clears up some confusion regarding a subject that most rock and roll gardening shows wouldn't touch with a 5 foot garden hoe, moon shoes.   If you listened to this week's show, you may have heard the chief spotlight operator make a quick mention of moon shoes. For those who […]

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