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Squash yer troubles.

You're invited to Squash Mosh '12. What?: A listener appreciation party (with lots of squash) for the loyal avant-gardeners in our listening area. Because we couldn't do it without you. And because we have a bunch of extra squash that we need to use up before it goes bad. Huh?: A listener appreciation party for people that listen to our […]

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Background control: Triple Entendre

Smack dab in the middle of asparagus season, two really important issues have arisen.  Number one:  is it still proper to abide by the law "If it's yellow, let it mellow"?  And number two: is a triple entendre possible? Now, the first question might be a bit too much to tackle.  It's a giant.  It […]

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BACKGROUND CONTROL: MOON SHOES  Rock Garden Tour Fact Checker, Jesse Black, clears up some confusion regarding a subject that most rock and roll gardening shows wouldn't touch with a 5 foot garden hoe, moon shoes.   If you listened to this week's show, you may have heard the chief spotlight operator make a quick mention of moon shoes. For those who […]

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Badger of the Rock Garden Tour caught streaking?

Oil Can tracked down this story, suspects Badger. March 11, 1974 State Headlines: A Sioux Falls “Streaker” clad only in tennis shoes and a ski mask who did his thing before 3000 high school basketball fans will donate the nearly $600 he won in bets to the YMCA and do 50 hours of community service […]

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