Night Of The Half Dead Zombie Plants

Last night on the original rock and roll garden show we talked zombie plants. I’d tell you that our witty banter killed, but the truth is that most of the audience was already dead when they got there. Kerry Roberts of the Sioux Falls Zombie Walk told us what he knew. Wumpus knocked out some […]

Free Range Rock & Roll, Playlist

Yes! You! Cantaloupe!

Last night's rock and roll gardening show on 94.5 KCFS kicked like a miniature horse, really. We talked about cantaloupe, and Forestburg, and whether or not you can over water a watermelon. Boom. We also spun some most righteous free range rock and roll. Check out the playlist, stay tuned for the Rock Garden Tour podcast, […]

Free Range Rock & Roll

Quantum Gardening Outside Presho, SD

Last night on the original rock and roll garden show on KCFS 94.5, we attempted to knock out a show on dormiculture, gardening in small spaces like dorms, effeciency apartments, Volkswaggens, cardboard boxes, black holes, etc…We spent most of our time talking about honey badgers and quantum gardening and Presho, SD. If it weren't for some most righteous free range rock & […]

Free Range Rock & Roll, Playlist