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THINK INSIDE THE BOX The Rock Garden Tour lockout is nearing an end. We've learned a lot, mostly about changing diapers. We also learned that cute baby clothes aren't nearly as cute when you're trying to put them on a crying baby. We've learned other things too. For example, people that talk about 'thinking outside the […]

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Squash Yer Troubles!

  Huge show about curcubita last night on KCFS 94.5, though I do wish I could have tracked down a few more rock-n-roll tunes about squash. The critics are going to chew us up and spit us out over that one, as if our little radio show was nothing more than some under cooked warted hubbard squash, which really isn’t […]

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Shocking news from the North East.

Here’s an example of the Rock Garden Tour’s journalistic ability. We broke a story about the horrors of pumpkin chucking in Delaware. If you have a weak stomach you may want to sit this one out. Download the_horrors_of_pumpkin_chuckin.mp3 Keep it rural.

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