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Spent the evening talking about sun gazing, and whether or not it was inspired by humans wishing to live more like plants. It went well, but it didn't hold a foot candle to a story of vegetative violence out of Hot Springs, SD. Turns out a guy had the nerve to prune a buckeye tree in June. I'll share the audio at the bottom of this post. It's that good. In the mean time, our playlist featured a lot of great free range rock and roll. Check it out below the jump.

Phoenix – Love Like A Sunset Part II*

The Misunderstood – Children Of The Sun*

Obits – Everything Looks Better In The Sun*

Langhorne Slim – Hello Sunshine*

Frank Fairfield – To The Sweet Sunny South*

Dead Man's Bones – Pa Pa Power**

Seam – In The Sun*

Pink Mountaintops – The Gayest Of Sunbeams*

Willie Mae Williams – Where The Sun Never Goes Down

Fleet Foxes – Sun It Rises*

Lewis Floyd Henry – Sacred Gardens

The Mountain Goats - Wizard Buys A Hat

Death Cab For Cutie – Stay Young, Go Dancing

Tonic – Flowerman 

*Tunes inspired by the sun

**Tunes I wish I would have known about before we produced a show about the Pioneer Power Show in Menno, SD

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