Squash yer troubles.

Squash mosh 12
You're invited to Squash Mosh '12.

What?: A listener appreciation party (with lots of squash) for the loyal avant-gardeners in our listening area. Because we couldn't do it without you. And because we have a bunch of extra squash that we need to use up before it goes bad.

Huh?: A listener appreciation party for people that listen to our show. We're going to bake a bunch of Coach's squash, with some help from our friends at Queen City Bakery, and then people at the party will willingly sample it. 

Come again?: People at the party will eat squash. Then they'll vote for their favorite variety. Then they'll tell us why and we'll get it on tape (boom-box).

What for?: The Rock Garden Tour is a rock and roll gardening show, we need the audio for our radio program.

What else?: There will be music, and live performances by Flowerman and the Godfather of the Rowena Polo Club Jim Groth, and a panel discussion featuring commentary from experienced and inexperienced squash eaters. 

When?: November 13, Tuesday night, starting at about 7pm – panel discussion of experienced and inexperienced squash eaters will start around 8pm.

Where?: Latitude 44 Music Bar in downtown Sioux Falls, SD.

And?: Free buttons and/or gig posters, News from Pierre might be there to sign stuff, you can share your favorite squash story in the Telestory Booth, you can take photos with Badger and Tonya and the rest of the Rock Garden Tour crew, booze (regular price), free ice-water (after mail-in rebate), Avant-Gardener t-shirts, and…

We hope to see you at Squash Mosh '12.