Pete’s Peeps Added Value Info Ticker:


“Rock Garden Tour” – Listen to the live broadcast of the original rock and roll gardening show with Flowerman, Oil Can, News from Pierre, Rock Garden Tour Family Band, and more.

“Rattlesnake Reports” – Poet, news writer, piano player in the family band, and now a rambling radio reporter on KRGT, Cousin Rattlesnake delivers weekly reports from West River South Dakota.

“News from Pierre” – Get the latest news broadcasts from KRGT Rock Garden Tour Radio news man, long-time contributor, friend, and uncle, News from Pierre

“Moonglow Radio” – Some Thursday nights from 8 to whenever – Join Rock Garden Tour Family Band bass guitar player, Nephew Mike “Moonglow” Helland and friends, for an all new KRGT original program. Moonglow Radio features live performances from regional bands (often recorded special in Mike’s house) with an eclectic mix of rock-n-roll and cosmic banter that’s mostly inspired by plants.

Follow us on the info county highway for showtimes and occasional updates.