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North 40 Countdown

Love in the Sun – D. Spade and Co

New old music this week on the North 40 Countdown. We’re getting a shave and a haircut with singing barber, music producer, and inventor of the world’s only Karate Robot, Eugue Viscione. The Fresh Cuts compilation includes 20 different music groups Viscione produced afterhours probably in the basement of his shop. Although the compilation includes doo-wop, folk, and westerns, featured track is the psych-pop song Love in the Sun by D. Spade and Co. We found almost no information about this band, which makes us like the tune all the more.

Holy Smokes – Anna Bates

One of our favorite songs of the year tells us of avant-gardener, Anna Bates’, journey to the light. The bright light of Heaven? The lightness you experience on a transcendental spirit voyage?  The light of a rolled up psychoactive phytocannabinoid plant? Who knows? Either way, Holy Smokes is a trip that we’re glad to be on.

I Listen to Your Radio Show at Night – Grady Strange

Being an avant gardener isn’t easy. There are tough decisions to be made when you run a late-night independent volunteer radio station. Though, Grady Strange’s song makes it all worth it.  “The idea for the song came when my uncle told me he often tunes into his daughter’s college radio show late at night,” Strange says.

I never drink a coffee past 5pm

but now it’s midnight and I’m cruising and I’m 5 cups in

I could run in place for hours man it feels so right

when I listen to your radio show at night

You’re practically begging us to play your song, Strange! We also love that you never know whose uncle could be tuning in at any given moment. Listeners could be a few towns down, or on an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. You never know.

Political Jokes – Tangled Shoelaces
Tangled Shoelaces were an early 80s Australian New Wave band that released a majority of their songs for the first time this year. They were a band of children (ages ranging 10-14 when they started). You could call their music naïve. You could call it poignant. We’re calling it fresh.

I want to grow up, I don’t want to blow up

Youngster – Lexie
This Frankie Cosmos / Warehouse side project slipped passed us initially. Debuting in 2017, Lexie’s Record Time! provides plenty of tender pop tunes. Youngster in particular is a fun call-and-response song with a smile-infecting chorus.




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