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Keep It Rural

Rock Garden Tour promises less talk, and more witty banter about gardening. That might mean discussing the ins and outs of potato farming for an hour. It might also mean producing an entire show about Jello.

Always Leave Them Wanting Less

The show has been on the air in one format or another since the spring of 2000.

While other shows tell stories that seem too good to be true, Rock Garden Tour shares the kinds of stories that are too bad to be false. It is considered by some to be the most interesting show of its kind in South Dakota. It almost certainly features the most original songs about Murdo.

It’s a safe space for the discussion of important topics, like weed board politics and tavern recipes. It’s a respectful forum for debating controversial issues, like urban chicken housing in rural South Dakota. It’s a celebration of the avant-gardeners: those that work the land, those that play free-range rock and roll, and those that live in South Dakota (more or less).

The show also features talented guests like Jami Lynn, Pleasure Horse, Altman Studeny, Brian Bieber, Boyd Bristow and Kenny Putnam.

Raised on Sweet Corn and Sour Luck

Writer and producer of the show, Ted Heeren, known as Flowerman, grew up on his family’s farm just outside of Beresford, South Dakota at a place the locals know as Norway Center. After completing his studies in Broadcast Journalism and Horticulture at the land grant university, Ted applied the strong work ethic and planting tips he learned on the farm to starting an advertising agency, Fresh Produce, and a late night public radio show.

Tater Tot Hot Dish and a Wooden Spoon

Sound Effects Coordinator, Tom Hurlbert, otherwise known as Oil Can, grew up in the Hub City of Aberdeen, South Dakota, where he was raised to appreciate the importance of strong communities and the song catalog of George Jones. He is the co-founder and a principal architect at CO-OP, an architecture firm with offices in the Queen City, Rapid City, and the Hub City.

Godfather of the Rowena Polo Club

Jim Groth, original member of the Rock Garden Tour Family Band, has been a professional musician since the 1960s. So far, he is the only member of the Rock Garden Tour Family Band to be inducted into the South Dakota Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his work in Wonderband, The Pilgrims, and The Starfires. There was also that set he played with Strawberry Alarm Clock back in the 60’s. Jim is Ted’s father-in-law.

News from Pierre

Tommy McGill, News from Pierre, first called the show five years ago with breaking news about a large power outage caused by bull snakes in Pierre, SD. He’s been on the show ever since. News is Ted, Christopher, and Leo’s Uncle.

The Last of the Old Time Gangs

Piano player, Christopher Vondracek, writes for a newspaper in a big city and is trying to publish a book sorta about Lawrence Welk. Christopher has written a poem for every county in South Dakota.

Bass player, Nephew Mike Helland, started out as a Rock Garden Tour intern. He plays in another band called Tenenbaums. We can’t say for sure if he was their intern before becoming a member of the band.

Official Resume

Rock Garden Tour has played in front of everyone from the Governor of South Dakota to a pet miniature donkey. Their performance resume includes shows at Mount Rushmore, Charlie Utter Theater in Deadwood, Franklin Hotel in Deadwood, Orpheum Theater in Sioux Falls, Matthews Opera House in Spearfish, South Dakota Festival of Books, Governor Dennis Daugaard’s Barn in rural Dell Rapids, South Dakotans for the Arts Conference in Pierre, South Dakota Extension Leaders State Convention in Sioux Falls, Bernie Hunhoff’s Barn in Utica, OTA Conference in Sioux Falls, TEDX Conference in Brookings, Freeman Academy Benefits Auction in Freeman, the Grand Opening of the Volga Performing Arts Center, the parking lot of Al’s I-90 in Plankinton, and many more. Over the course of the show’s 19 year history they’ve produced 4 television specials and hundreds of radio shows and podcasts.