Volume 2 Rock Garden Tour 97: Squash Mosh ’12

This November we celebrated some of our favorite listeners by forcing them to eat squash live on the show. Butternut! Acorn! Speckled Hound! And more! Thanks to everyone for playing along. And thanks to Queen City Bakery for baking the squash. You can listen to the whole broadcast right here.

Download VOL 2 – 8 RGT SDPB 129 SQUASH MOSH 

The Squash Mosh free range rock-n-roll playlist:

The Gourds – Country Love

Darron Hanlon – There's Not Enough Songs About Squash

Tall Tales And The Silver Lining – The Understanding

Andrew Bird – Spirograph

Beachwood Sparks – The Orange Grass Special

Deadman's Bones – Pa Pa Power

Clark Bueling – Early American Gourd*

*Songs played on a cucurbitae banjo

Below, News From Pierre introduces the squash.