Our internship could be your life.

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The thing about producing a DIY public radio show is that eventually the DI becomes to much for the Y to handle. So we'd like to bring in another I to help us prepare for Season 3 of the Rock Garden Tour on SDPB Radio. If you've heard of the show and kind of like the idea of helping us out you're a candidate. We don't care if you're a college student or not. If you are a college student though, this could be a great internship opportunity for you. Here's what we need help with:

Booking venues and bands for upcoming shows, taking the show on the road to Lead and Yankton and Watertown and Deadwood and maybe Washington DC, managing merch, reminding Oil Can to bring his sound effects to gigs, helping us to create a stage set, helping us to plan our upcoming television debut, helping us find vintage kazoos, sales (actually we don't call it sales in public radio but that's what it is), planting squash, managing our production schedule, papers, business papers, and a lot more.

If you're interested please email ted@pickfresh.com. Write "avant-gardener" in the subject line. We'd like to have somebody in place by the end of the year so do it fast. Please.