News from Pierre explains that our live television special from the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish, SD is one of the top two best live television specials we’ve ever produced.


Special thanks to Local Zip Convenience Stores, Poet Biorefining, Landscape Garden Centers, proud son of Warner, SD, Lon Strochein, Co-op Architects, and the Get Fresh Crew at Fresh Produce for supporting this production financially; The Rock Garden Tour Family Band is Jim Groth, Cousins Christopher and Leo Vondracek, and Badger; Oil Can is Tom Hurlbert; Thanks to Hunter Murphy for designing the gig poster; Thanks to Marc Wagner for designing the t-shirt; Thanks to Jen Conners from Second Skin in Brookings, SD for printing everything; Also big thanks to Kazoobie Kazoos.

Thanks to the whole SDPB TV crew; the whole Matthews Opera House crew; he whole Rock Garden Tour tech crew.

Thanks to Jackelyn Lozano our Executive Producer for lining up rides and coordinating schedules and running the merch tent and communicating with our staff of ghost writers.

Thanks to Tim and Ben from Pleasure Horse for joining us on the show.

Rock Garden Tour presents: North Grown Hardy television special will broadcast in late November or early December, can’t remember which. Check back for details and keep it rural.

This performance is dedicated to Sylvester and Wild Bill Hickock and the ghost of Hugh Glass.