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Soil And The Soul

Look! The home opener of Rock Garden Tour's third season on SDPB Radio, tape recorded live from Latitude 44 in downtown Sioux Falls, SD. This one features less talk and more witty banter on the topic of prepping the soul. The show features haiku poetry, a parody song about Woonsocket by John Boylan, some ping […]

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Rock Garden Tour 2013 Home Opener

Our 2013 home opener, live from Latitude 44 in downtown Sioux Falls, went about as well as these things go. There was less talk, and more witty banter about a variety of things like tavern sandwiches and Operation Timber Strike and more. Thanks to special guest Dan Mahar for singing with some soul. And thanks to John Boylan for […]

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Live From The Podding Shed: A Heterotopia of Loose Meat

And so it begins. Oil Can and Flowerman met up in the Podding Shed to produce the first podcast of the 2013 Rock Garden Tour season on SDPB Radio. We have a few details to share regarding our production schedule for the year, but that's not really important right now. What is important is this 12 minute podcast featuring an interview […]

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Background control: Triple Entendre

Smack dab in the middle of asparagus season, two really important issues have arisen.  Number one:  is it still proper to abide by the law "If it's yellow, let it mellow"?  And number two: is a triple entendre possible? Now, the first question might be a bit too much to tackle.  It's a giant.  It […]

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