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Last night’s live recording of the Rock Garden Tour at KCFS studio kicked like a rented mule. We spent the evening proving all of those negative smear campaigns wrong. Regardless of what they special interest groups will have you believe, we DO talk about gardening, and last night we proved it, more or less. Stay tuned for the podcast, and keep it rural.

Here’s the playlist from last night’s show, a real doozy:

Young Fresh Fellows – Gus Theme

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Gardenia

The Dentists – Strawberries Are Growing In My Garden

Radar Brothers – For The Birds

Weezer – Trainwrecks

The Matadors – Get Down From The Tree

Devendra Banhart – Fall

Tim Kasher – Cold Love*

Human Television – Saw You Walking By

Arcade Fire – Suburban War

Deerhunter – Revival*

Beach Fossils – Lazy Day

The Extra Lens – Only Existing Footage*

The Duhks – Three Fishers

The Extra Lens – Some Other Way*

Superchunk – Slow Drip*

Tonic – Flowerman

*New songs, and good ones too!